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Jafa FTP is a 32-bit Windows based File Transfer Protocol client that allows users to utilize the capabilities of FTP without having to know all the details of the protocol itself. Jafa FTP supports FTP, FTPoverSSL and SFTP protocols giving users everything they need for transferring their data files from one place in the world to another. The basic idea behind Jafa FTP is a uniformity of drop zones which allows users to transfer data not only to and from remote machine/server, but also between two servers without the necessity of having to transfer data from the source server to a temporary location on the local machine and then copying these temporary files to the destination server. Jafa FTP also includes powerful scheduling manager, which allows users to schedule delayed operations and repeat them automatically; file/directory synchronization; file search facility, proxy support; resumed uploading and downloading; changing files attributes; renaming files and many other useful features.

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